Members of the C.A.T.V. can join the Hiking Club for free. However, it is permitted for non members to participate, without registration, in a first outing on a trial basis. A medical certificate authorizing the walk will then be requested.

The Vinsobres Hiking Club offers 3 types of hikes:

. free hikes from Vinsobres.
These 4 hikes are free of any Club registration. To get the circuit map, just click on the underlined links below

. small Wednesday walks from Vinsobres.

for wednesday 14 february

On Wednesday we’ll be setting off via Saint Jacques towards the coast and Saint Maurice.

This walk is easy but a little long (9km5), so don’t be in a hurry, allow 2 hours 45 minutes.



For new people here is my phone number

04 75 27 63 31 

06 43 08 71 91

These are easy hikes, between 5 and 7 km, around the village. The meeting point for departure is set every Wednesday at 9:00 a.m., in the car park behind the town hall.



. long Wednesday hikes in the nearby region.

See previous hikes


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Wednesday 14 february :

For this Wednesday, I propose a hike starting from BEAUVOISIN.
entitled: “Les Costes par le col des moulins et le col de la Croix”.
This is a medium-difficulty hike with an ascent of 380 m over 8 km and an estimated duration of 3 hours.
This hike includes a 2 km section of ridge that requires attention, although it is not dangerous.
Departure from Vinsobres at 9am.
Please bring a picnic lunch.




Hikes that take place within a radius of 30 km around Vinsobres. Club members are informed by email, every Sunday evening, of the location, the course, any difficulties of the chosen circuit.

The meeting is fixed every Wednesday at 8:30 a.m., in la Bane car park. Carpooling is encouraged with a contribution of €3 per person transported. A picnic in the bag is usually required. The return is around 3:00 p.m.